Endangered [adjective]

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It has a full house of endangered great apes and monkeys, including western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, drill monkeys and a mustached monkey named Kiki.

Testing the limits of brown tree snake agility could help design new baffles or other tools to protect endangered birds on Guam, Savidge says.

Put it all together and you can see why the Democrats’ chances of holding onto the House look pretty good, even if they do have the most endangered incumbent up in 2020.

Other elements found in electronics are considered some of the periodic table’s most endangered.

These programs include searching for invasive species like the zebra mussels and tracking rare and endangered animals.

The cubicula were also defaced, their symmetry injured, and their construction endangered by similar imprudent excavations.

For one minute he even contemplated holding the two up and taking enough to salve his hurt pride and his endangered reputation.

The woodcuts, fresh and beautiful, are gems of an art now endangered by modern requirements of haste.

The first man endangered was the lonely officer who sat his horse in front of the line of kicking and plunging mules.

Sedgwick's success endangered Lee, and, unless Fredericksburg were regained, the battle was lost to the Rebels.