Endangering [verb]

Definition of Endangering:

put in jeopardy

Synonyms of Endangering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Endangering:

Sentence/Example of Endangering:

More than one said you were dead, and suggested that—that it was no use endangering the safety of the others.

Madame, I want to free you, but I want to do it without endangering him.

But the flames were endangering the wooden walls of the Arena.

To allow milk from an unclean place like this to be sold in the town, is endangering the health of its inhabitants.

Any further delay was seriously endangering our chance of being able to relieve Wild's party that year.

The more difficult problem was how any predicates at all can be applied to God without endangering his unity.

One day he thought of a happy solution of his difficulty and one that broke his long seal of silence without endangering his life.

A tongue of flame had leaped down the hoist and into the ammunition passage, endangering the magazine.

His opponents were regarded as obscurantists, who, rather than the object of their attack, were endangering Judaism.

The fault seemed to lie with Biological Survey; they hadn't reported the presence of pests that were endangering the food supply.