Endear [verb]

Definition of Endear:

attract attention

Synonyms of Endear:

Opposite/Antonyms of Endear:

Sentence/Example of Endear:

Like Quinn’s other romances, it’s witty and lush, endearing the reader to this close-knit, imperfect family.

Its early years endeared it to some federal officials in Washington who had worried about the dearth of opportunities for recent college graduates unable to refinance their expensive federal student loans even though they had well-paying jobs.

They also endear audiences to brands by forging deeper emotional connections to the content, and the creators involved in making it.

There was nothing brilliant in her character, but she possessed every quality to endear her to all by whom she was known.

Such a relaxation would greatly endear His Majesty to his subjects.

She is uncompromisingly Anglo-Saxon and lacks that pliability which would endear her to the children of another race.

Moreover, his supercilious manners had not helped to endear him since his arrival.

Yet though they had become, in a sense, intimate, he made on her none of those demands which endear a man to a woman.

I wonder if officers know it, but it takes nothing for them to endear themselves to men.

It is enough for me that the religion of Rome is old as Rome, to endear it to my heart, and commend it to my understanding.