Endeared [verb]

Definition of Endeared:

attract attention

Synonyms of Endeared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Endeared:

Sentence/Example of Endeared:

When he attacked the government he was eminently quotable, and this endeared him to both reporters and editors.

This very independence of his endeared him to the villagers, who always spoke of him as "one of the right sort."

He was a gallant, the Colonel, full of little 33 courtesies which endeared him to the hearts of women.

To them he had become much endeared, as they had been in his company as fellow-travellers for many months.

From earliest childhood certain qualities of Louis had endeared him to Napoleon.

They have endeared themselves to the hearts of the folks at home and they have earned the lasting gratitude of all of us.

Girls would be for ever an intrusion between such deathless and endeared friends as they were.

Livorno la cara, they call her, and no doubt of old she endeared herself to her outcasts.

Mary, his Egyptian concubine, was endeared to him by the birth of Ibrahim.

Such were the means by which Cæsar endeared himself to the Romans.