Endearing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Endearing:

Her eyes were as they had been that day near this selfsame spot years before, kind and endearing.

Susannah Chressham looked at her, thinking of nothing but the frail and endearing beauty she saw.

As I was the youngest of the party, he received me with the most endearing familiarity.

Not one was so often repeated or so endearing as 'Guy's baby!

Finally he arose, extending his hand with that winning frankness so endearing to all.

Then calling her by all sorts of endearing terms he conjured here to open her eyes and speak to him.

Stronger arguments I cannot use—more endearing and more awful considerations I cannot suggest.

It was the first time she had called him by his name, and the endearing syllables dropped like honey from her lips.

He could refuse nothing to her endearing entreaty, and felt every indulgence repaid by the enchantment of her gaiety.

Mrs. Clavering took no notice of her little girl, and did not, as usual, encourage her endearing advances.