Endearment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Endearment:

In our texts we exchanged mutual endearments in words and emojis.

All these things are matter of course to all Frenchmen, who are never at a loss for civility and terms of endearment.

He never let fall a syllable of endearment, yet Carry and the children read something in his face which said more.

She uttered a mild preliminary oath of endearment and suddenly ceased speaking.

The words of endearment, withheld so severely in his waking hours, were inexpressibly sweet to her forlorn and hungry heart.

The endearment is so plaintively inept that she smiles in spite of herself, and resigns herself to indulge him a little.

Tenderly and reverently he addressed the insensible maiden in tones and words of fondest endearment.

It was a term of endearment derived, undoubtedly, from a theatrical source, in which he sometimes indulged.

Forbes winced at the endearment she gave Enslee, even though he felt it to be sarcastic.

"Piggy-widden" is a west-country dialect term, meaning a little white pig, used as an endearment for the youngest of a family.