Endeavor [noun]

Definition of Endeavor:

attempt to achieve something

Synonyms of Endeavor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Endeavor:

Sentence/Example of Endeavor:

Here are three perks of networking that can help make your endeavors more profitable.

Thurston reminded this person that mathematics really is a community endeavor and there’s a part to be played by everyone.

The goal of this endeavor is to create significant ties to your city and industry and position your company on sites that get relevant traffic.

Faulconer has also committed to revamp the city’s approach to real estate, an endeavor that will now continue without the city’s six-year real estate chief.

While Viking raiding ships were one of the defining features of Viking raids and military endeavors, these vessels had a variance in their designs – which is contrary to our popular notions.

There were also some Crusaders, mainly comprising Danes, Saxons, and few Poles, who launched the Wendish Crusade in a bid to convert the pagan Slavic Obotrites – but the endeavor, while militarily successful, mostly failed in its primary objective.

This was my sincere endeavor, in those many discourses I had with that monarch, although it unfortunately failed of success.

He did not find his new field of endeavor so profitable when he began to work among strangers.

Consequently they endeavor to please him, without considering what he asks or what they do.

To endeavor to cut through such an obstacle would undoubtedly have brought about a disaster.