Endemic [adjective]

Definition of Endemic:

1. native

2. (of a disease or condition) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.

3. (of a plant or animal) native and restricted to a certain place.

Synonyms of Endemic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Endemic:


Sentence/Example of Endemic:

Hart does his best to establish that brashness was endemic to the company from the beginning, starting with its co-founder, Bill Bowerman.

So far most of that interest has come from either larger endemic advertisers in CPG and retail like Adidas and Swarovski or smaller-to-medium-sized businesses.

Self, an endemic health and wellness brand, has served as a bridge for helping Condé Nast’s non-endemic titles take a step into health and wellness.

Crompton says that while corn is obviously grown in both Australia and America, the fact that it is so endemic to many parts of our food system, could contribute to its recent success here.

Yes the audiences in these groups tend to be endemic, they said, but this does not mean the agencies will exclude underrepresented audiences from our other buys.

The Iffluenza appears to become endemic here, but it has always been a scourge in the islands.

The agency of their effacement was an endemic disorder known as yellow fever.

It is endemic, and becomes, at apparently regular but distant periods, epidemic.

Unhappily endemic forms of disease went on steadily increasing in prevalence and rates of mortality.

We have not heard of any endemic in Australia; the epidemic has never visited its shores.