Endless [adjective]

Definition of Endless:

not stopping, not finishing

Opposite/Antonyms of Endless:

Sentence/Example of Endless:

To fly for several days and nights, reaching a theoretically endless flight potential, Solar Impulse relied on batteries that stored the energy collected during the day and used it to power its engines during the night.

Some of the best portable printers are indeed battery-powered, so your options for printer locations are almost endless.

The sources of human-produced noise are endless, says Duarte.

Oh, and don’t forget the endless Twitter boasts, wars, and rants.

Play endless heated matches and, when you’re done, fold and roll the table to store anywhere.

The researchers created FractalDB, an endless number of computer-generated fractals.

The tetrahedra within each infinite family vary by a parameter, offering endless ways of increasing the size of some angles and decreasing others while keeping all dihedral angles rational.

Amid the endless pandemic lockdown, reading this novel with its spirited scene-by-scene reenactments is the closest I’ve gotten to live theater in 10 months.

While many states offer phone lines for making appointments, people around the country have complained about endless waits.

Whether it’s the way racism contributes to poor health outcomes or gender discrimination harms economic growth, the examples are seemingly endless.