Endlessly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Endlessly:

A river such as the Mississippi is endlessly endeavouring to bear its burden to the sea.

This she did where she could see the little plants and mosses at the water's edge endlessly a-quiver with the tumult of the fall.

Four weeks never dragged so endlessly, even in the glooms of Carlington Road under Nurse's rule.

Over his head, the second hand of the big clock whirled endlessly.

Metaphysicians have argued endlessly as to the interaction of mind and matter.

The second and third and fourth days endlessly wore away, and Helen believed they had made her old.

The trains wound endlessly toward the setting sun—paying no heed to the Indians.

Anton had worked patiently and endlessly to make him turn the spit—and he was still working at it.

All of these express the same passion for a future bliss that shall begin at the close of earthly life and endure endlessly.

Flowers and candy, new books and music he showered on her endlessly, to Mrs. Manning's great disapproval.