Endlessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Endlessness:

The miles before him reached out in unshortened endlessness.

Time was an endlessness whose vanishing left its illusion unchanged.

The experiences were always associated with great physical weariness and the sense of the endlessness of the journey.

It seems to me that it does not require more than a train of one hundred camels to convey the idea of endlessness.

Infinity in the Hegelian sense does not partake in any way of this endlessness, or of the unreality which attaches to it.

They drink from the springs of peace, roam on the trackless soil of perceptions, swim in the ocean-endlessness of bliss.

She felt like one who held Eternity's hand, and went out with that great guide into the endlessness of supreme perfection.

Theresa felt herself bewildered by the endlessness and the dirt of it.

There can be no deep friendship which does not sign for endlessness.

After luncheon the rain began to fall softly, slowly, and with a suggestion of endlessness.