Endorsements [noun]

Definition of Endorsements:

support, authorization

Opposite/Antonyms of Endorsements:

Sentence/Example of Endorsements:

NIST has said it will announce its final endorsements for a new encryption standard within the next 18 months.

Once the dehumanizing ones are in, they start to color your thoughts automatically, even without your explicit endorsement.

This has been an endorsement of the adaptability of human beings and communities and also businesses.

The San Diego Building Industry Association has issued a rare dual endorsement in the race.

Some food banks expressed concern that the letter looked too much like a political endorsement, which tax-exempt nonprofit organizations aren’t allowed to make.

In their absence, it can be hard for musicians to stop the use of their songs—even if it could lead to a false sense of endorsement.

Gómez told us this week she’s “pausing” her endorsement of Barrios’ campaign, which is a tier of endorsement that’s new to us.

In some cases, the planning is so minimal that the endorsement comes as a surprise to the candidates or the party.

Vargas has been racking up endorsements, including from the Democratic Party itself.

The Federal Trade Commission has an entire set of laws on how businesses can use endorsements and testimonials in their advertising.