Endorses [verb]

Definition of Endorses:

support, authorize

Opposite/Antonyms of Endorses:

Sentence/Example of Endorses:

Mr. Whiteman endorses the principles of the republican party and gives his loyal support to its candidates at the polls.

John T. Stuart, who was Lincoln's first partner, substantially endorses the above.

He himself speaks of it as very puerile and silly—a verdict which Chambers endorses, but in which I cannot agree.

May I not go even so far as to say that the gentlest and most peace-loving of religions endorses this aspiration?

Do not hold the Republican party responsible for this decision, unless the Republican party endorses it.

Mr. Emery takes the draft to his own bank in Rochester, endorses it in blank, and receives the one hundred dollars.

Experience endorses the proverbs and discredits the necessity and respectability of fearthought.

Miss Barnard, from her long and intimate acquaintance with her uncle, quite endorses what Professor Tyndall says.

The average reformer endorses thoroughly the theory 'that every man is as good as another, and a little better.'

And if it does not mean this, then Professor James is merely stating what every Determinist most cheerfully endorses.