Endued [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Endued:

And with Love we cannot endue him, for that is desire in its supreme degree.

But did not you yourself come all the way from France to endue him with the duchy of Touraine?

Free from jealousy, he wished that all Israelites might be prophets like himself, and that31 God would endue them with His spirit.

The copies, both quarto and folio, read, Endue our other healthful members even to a sense of pain.

Oh, that God may endue us both with grace and wisdom to discharge this solemn and important calling!

But his verse is such as it hath pleased God to endue him withal.

My lawyers are taking out a licence for the name and arms, which it seems I am to endue.

O may God give me learning, even language; and endue me with qualifications to magnify His name while I live.

Oh, that God may endue our brother with wisdom and strength to execute all that is in his heart.

Lutaif lamented bitterly that we had no European clothes with which to endue ourselves, and properly impress the Kaid.