Endured [verb]

Definition of Endured:

bear hardship

Opposite/Antonyms of Endured:

Sentence/Example of Endured:

In the year of misery, of agony and suffering in general he had endured, he had settled upon one theory.

Though built upon the sand, they still endured, and would continue to endure.

I endured his insults until the time came when further forbearance would have been a disgrace, and then I closed with him.

Rain storms, hot winds, sweltering intervals of intolerable heat—these were vagaries of nature and might be endured.

How little the light-hearted dragoon guessed what those two had endured together!

Koch reads 'Dreygh eek' for 'And eek,' in l. 163, where 'Dreygh' means 'endured.'

But the Christian religion, like the trodden grass that ranker grows, flourished still in spite of the oppression it endured.

Yet my guilty anticipation endured, and as a sop to conscience I tried to make myself believe there was no danger.

This was too dreadful an uncertainty to be endured, so Benny hurried to old Mrs. Battle's and asked to see the teacher.

He looked on women as every way inferior to men, and only to be endured as necessary evils.