Enduring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enduring:

Despite enduring headaches, a fever and shortness of breath, Day kept the paper going by working from home.

Then Warnock suddenly opened a gigantic, enduring lead of over five points that mirrored Ossoff’s sprint.

“Purchases that help to foster our social relationships—those are the purchases that are most likely to bring us longer-lasting, more enduring happiness,” Kumar says.

No one has quantified the loss of productivity from this, but it’s significant and enduring.

It enhances the feeling of visiting the past, and thereby a more enduring appreciation for it.

I often end my talks with a slide that reminds me of the essential and enduring impact that my heroes have had on me.

So intelligent were her methods that she doubtless had great influence in making the memory of his art enduring.

Uriah said it would dishonour him to seek ease and pleasure at home while other soldiers were enduring hardship at the front.

For Isabel Otis the genius loci had a more powerful and enduring magnetism than any man or woman she had ever known.

Her mother pressed the coveted treasure to her bosom with maternal love, more calm, and deep, and enduring.