Enemies [noun]

Definition of Enemies:

someone hated or competed against

Opposite/Antonyms of Enemies:

Sentence/Example of Enemies:

Only in the carnage of the head, the tilt of the chin, was the insolence expressed that had made her many enemies.

His enemies persistently insinuated that he was really returning to Spain to support the clericals actively.

Like every other Spanish general in supreme command abroad, Polavieja had his enemies in Spain.

The young man from far away had not, so far as he knew, either enemies or friends at Monte Carlo.

The dog stood with hanging head and tail, as if ashamed he had let so many of his enemies get away unharmed.

He went careering forward to his point, overturning and wounding; but as he speeded on, he left a train of enemies behind.

His enemies in the cabinet were quick to perceive when their devices had taken effect on the King and Queen.

He made a violent assault against the nation of his enemies, and in the descent he destroyed the adversaries.

He made him like the saints in glory, and magnified him in the fear of his enemies, and with his words he made prodigies to cease.

But he is as insolent as you could wish, and has a superb confidence in himself that his enemies call by the most offensive names.