Energetically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Energetically:

Scientists have long puzzled over how such waves give energetic particles their massive speed boosts.

Lately, she’s been struggling with fatigue, nothing too severe but a general sense of exhaustion, or, in her words, “not feeling as sharp and energetic as I’d like.”

It didn’t quite reach FRB brightness, but seemed energetic enough to be worth a second look.

Across the country, campaigns have made energetic efforts to engage AAPI voters.

There is an energetic shift from when organisms are in growth mode and move to maintenance mode, and then to what Bradley calls a “deeper state of dormancy.”

Regulating body temperature enables them to swim faster and catch more energetic prey.

More recent research, however, suggests that sexual selection drove the evolutionary enlargement of the Elk’s antlers, which subsequently taxed the species’ energetic budget to such an extent that it became vulnerable to extinction.

Catholic charismatic prayer services are enthusiastic and involve energetic singing, hand clapping and praying with arms outstretched.

After eating it, I feel clearheaded, energetic, and not overly full.

More energetic modes create checkered patterns of smaller zones of high and low pressure.