Energies [noun]

Definition of Energies:

person's spirit and vigor

Synonyms of Energies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Energies:

Sentence/Example of Energies:

She must be freed through the progress of Liberal ideas in France and Germany—not by her own inherent energies.

Her imagination suddenly rose up, gathered its energies, and ran wild.

To bring forth a violin of this desirable type, Stradivari directed his energies.

No small part of those energies in the business district were devoted to humbling the rival, in the matter of commerce.

He was impatient of control, he lacked patience, and although he had boundless energies, he never found a true outlet for them.

Hans Nilsen confined his energies to the manual work of the farm, and at the meetings he was silent and oppressed.

To me it is simply a medium, an unstable, oscillating medium of impetuous spiritual energies.

No—his energies would be given to getting his arms loose, and finding out where the guns were.

I am virtually a prisoner in body and spirit—with energies, which must not act—affections, which must not flow!

Barrington back into the present, to conserve his energies, to make him a man of action again.