Energized [verb]

Definition of Energized:

activate; give more life

Synonyms of Energized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Energized:

Sentence/Example of Energized:

Now, your true cross—if it were properly energized, blessed, d'ye see—your true cross would tend to dissipate the evil.

To commence with, current flows through all three frames so that all three magnets are energized.

It energized invention and lessened the catalogue of impossibilities.

He was altogether a new man, agile to move, galvanically energized.

Would it not be a mercy to Little Lizay for him to do this rather than that other hand, energized by hate, revenge and cruelty?

Let the manner of your voice be calm, smooth, collected, but energized with positive forces.

His doctrine is that a life not thus energized by its own latent divineness is, and must remain, humdrum and worthless.

Ideal social control is to be exercised by an enlightened and self-restrained public opinion energized by a socialized religion.

At this instant the cut-off relay of the line is energized and the decimal indicator is released.

The wire of the first forms part of the circuit of an electromagnet which, so long as it is energized, supports Le Bouleng.