Enervated [adjective]

Definition of Enervated:

exhausted, worn out

Opposite/Antonyms of Enervated:

Sentence/Example of Enervated:

We are growing too serious, the railways and telegraph have upset us and enervated us, we are getting languid and dull.

Why had he allowed himself to be so enervated by her prayers at last as to surrender everything,—as he had done?

Enervated—wedded to this transient state, we should lose sight of our true country.

Nations enervated through luxury and idleness are usually supplanted by more vigorous races.

See how his soul becomes enervated, his judgment warped and his heart invaded by every temptation.

Luxury has enervated, vice has debased, and the strength of the mighty nation has consumed away.

Is there no danger that we shall become enervated by the spirit of avarice, unfortunately so predominant?

A lengthened stay here would be a bad preparation for the wilderness life; they could scarcely but be enervated by it.

An idyllic people, not by any means enervated, though pleasure-loving—so we must regard them.

You have all been over-cultured and enervated; as I say, you want some of the salt and iron of life.