Enfeebled [verb]

Definition of Enfeebled:

make very weak

Synonyms of Enfeebled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enfeebled:

Sentence/Example of Enfeebled:

A quick vision of death smote her soul, and for a second of time appalled and enfeebled her senses.

Old people declared that he reminded them of Hauge in his earlier days, before he had been enfeebled by persecution.

Vessels carrying his servants and baggage were dispersed by a storm, and the rough weather told upon his enfeebled frame.

His wife sorrowed over this new passion; her health, already much enfeebled, soon broke down.

I give th' old an' enfeebled English gintleman that carried me satchel a piece iv silver.

His sailors were worn out with fatigue, discouraged, and enfeebled by scurvy.

At the same time the imagination can be enfeebled by starvation and neglect.

A sad history enough it was of domestic bitterness, of an enfeebled will, knowing what was right, and doing it not.

Enfeebled as Blcher appeared to be, he was no sooner freed from the awe of Napoleon's proximity than he began to move.

Scores of millions were suffering and enfeebled by under-nourishment and misery.