Enfeebling [verb]

Definition of Enfeebling:

make very weak

Synonyms of Enfeebling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enfeebling:

Sentence/Example of Enfeebling:

The abstention of a single sense from the coupling is enough to enfeeble the pleasure very greatly.

Mere antiquarianism, Dr Arnold justly observes, is calculated to contract and enfeeble the understanding.

It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration.

The haze of years may magnify all the nobler outlines, while it conceals all that would enfeeble their dignity.

Breeding in and in, to a certainty, would enfeeble their intellects as surely as their constitutions.

But a disused organ is very likely to become a seat of disease and to thus enfeeble or destroy the whole body.

The passing mark rather than real training seems to be made the goal of our endeavors even if we enfeeble the child by so doing.

Besides these, there are other influences which enfeeble the health of a great number of workers, intemperance most of all.

That very store of merit thou must enlarge, thou shouldst not enfeeble the ranks of the benefactors.

How plainly this shows that hardness, even of an extreme character, braces up the body; softness and self-indulgence enfeeble it.