Enfolded [verb]

Definition of Enfolded:

embrace, hug

Synonyms of Enfolded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enfolded:

Sentence/Example of Enfolded:

More fiery than ever, she enfolded him in her arms, so that he was impregnated with a flame which he feebly resisted.

The two tall figures enfolded each other in an embrace like that of an aged mother and a long absent son.

Allen, enfolded in his long ulster, shuffled his feet on the tiling like a school-boy in disgrace.

I was at once enfolded in a sort of white vapour full of the drowsy fragrance of the poppy.

Many events that have startled the world have occurred since that day when I first enfolded my silent love within my arms.

And so she spoke of the vine-enfolded cottage in which she fondly hoped they might soon sip together the conjugal sweets.

Silence once again enfolded the park, and twilight seemed to be born of the air, drifting downward.

The fresh night air enfolded Litvinovs flushed face caressingly, the fragrant breeze breathed on his parched lips.

She found him asleep; and as he slept she enfolded him with her wings, and breathed into his nostrils her deadly breath.

Anne uttered one scream, then the scholar's huge arm enfolded her neck and drew her backwards against his breast.