Enforced [adjective]

Definition of Enforced:

in force

Synonyms of Enforced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enforced:


Sentence/Example of Enforced:

The government is denying his choice by enforcing this ban on staff assistance.

Is there actually any incentive for the government to enforce itself and restrict its own data collection operations.

In May, the FTC Bureau of Competition vowed to continue to rigidly enforce antitrust laws despite the health emergency.

That border is technically closed, but there are some border towns which are binational, so it’s hard to enforce.

The Cybersecurity Law didn’t have a strong mechanism for enforcing data protection.

Lawyers for both the city and the public defender said they were unaware that SDPD was still enforcing that section of the municipal code.

Teachers — who have spent their careers taking on the skills of social worker, parent, police officer and more — are balking at putting their lives on the line while enforcing social distancing and health checks.

The proposal would create a new permit required for short-term vacation rentals, with the fees to acquire the permit used to enforce violations of a new “Good Neighbor Policy” outlining bad behavior and a fine system for violations.

Health officers went door to door in Brooklyn to enforce isolation measures and hospitalisations.

So can you talk for a moment about the degree of power or leverage in the realm of regulation for presidents — again, whether through executive order or legislation or just not enforcing existing regulations.