Enforcement [noun]

Definition of Enforcement:

requirement to obey; implementation of rule(s)

Synonyms of Enforcement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enforcement:

Sentence/Example of Enforcement:

One recent study found that community policing does help improve people’s perception of law enforcement, but there’s no way to guarantee that officers have positive interactions when they go out into the community.

If someone is seeking to inject 100,000 fraudulent ballots into the state after voting ends, that would be straightforward to detect — by, say, law enforcement.

Funding for the initiative has come largely from law enforcement groups and major grocery store chains.

Several guards “forcibly” kissed her, and at least one touched her intimate parts, often as she was walking back from the medical unit to her barrack, according to her complaint filed with law enforcement agencies.

Survey data from GatherUp, however, reflect that consumers want mask enforcement are more likely to engage with merchants and visit stores that communicate and offer these safeguards.

The devices became tools of law enforcement, without the public’s knowledge.

The law on antitrust has evolved further and further away from strong enforcement over the decades, and Google may well avoid a break up or other serious sanctions.

The attacks include shootings and bombings that targeted law enforcement in Oakland, California, in May and Santa Cruz in June that left two officers dead.

He was expected to take credit for calling in the National Guard—an act taken by Evers—and for surging federal law enforcement to the city to restore the peace.

The daughter can’t see men in law enforcement uniforms or be in school separated from her mother without feeling overwhelmed.