Enforcers [noun]

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However, Bobek said the lead regulator is “not the sole enforcer of the GDPR in cross-border situations.”

Since the Reagan administration, government antitrust enforcers have largely viewed the Sherman Act—the government’s main legal basis for antitrust cases—through the lens of economics and market efficiency.

Jared Holt, of Right Wing Watch, told me that the group “acts as a violent pack of enforcers for the far right.”

Finally, making antitrust enforcers the arbiters of disputes over how to manage corporations invites political meddling and corruption.

Grandaddy was outstanding as a law enforcer and here was a petty offender right under his nose.

As the system develops and our prejudices are abandoned, a method of policing must stand as an enforcer of international law.

Stern represser of revolt, and enforcer of the law, was Gloucester himself a defaulter in these respects?

Yet love of justice is strong, even in the strictest enforcer of discipline—when the enforcer is Anglo-Saxon.

The late Miss Clarke has well said “to argue this point would be enforcer une porte ouverte.”