Enforces [verb]

Definition of Enforces:

put a rule, plan in force

Opposite/Antonyms of Enforces:

Sentence/Example of Enforces:

And I suppose that even physical pain takes on an edge when it not only enforces a pang but whispers a phrase.

This explanation is often the clear, natural exposition of the text, and it enforces rules of conduct both ethical and ritual.

The wraith of Anchises enforces the advice, and bids Æneas visit him in the nether-world (856-909).

This is pretty plain speaking, and Terræ Filius enforces, by an historical example, the dangers of even political freethought.

In his second section "Of the profits and pleasures of fruit-trees," he strongly enforces the planting of vineyards.

Linnæus, in his eloquent oration at Upsal, enforces the pleasure of travelling in one's own country, through its fields and roads.

No orders are obeyed but such as a party of soldiers, or my own drawn sword, enforces.

When he ventures to protest, the man who opened the door orders silence and enforces it with a cowardly blow from his fist.

A consideration which greatly enforces the necessity of national union, and a national militia.

Such experience as there is of modern war points to the same conclusion and enforces it.