Enforcing [verb]

Definition of Enforcing:

put a rule, plan in force

Opposite/Antonyms of Enforcing:

Sentence/Example of Enforcing:

Though no great strategist or tactician, he was an able leader of men, and had the faculty of enforcing obedience to his orders.

I've often thought that Parliament ought to pass a Bill for enforcing a close-time in domestic music.

The Central Authority had objected to this, and had insisted on enforcing the usual apprenticeship order.

At this time the authorities were enforcing the payment of tithe; and this excited the wrath of the leaders of the Popish party.

And in enforcing this cardinal truth he is dogmatic and dictatorial, as a prophet and ambassador of the Most High should be.

The royal army had been brought thither with the avowed design of enforcing submission to the mother country.

It was obvious that Colonel Petersen was still enforcing the six-man rule.

Meaning, that while enforcing discipline we should do so with firmness, and relax it freely when occasion requires.

Is it a part of woman's work in the temperance cause to attend to the enforcing of the license laws?

They became a kind of voluntary police, acting largely as spies, and enforcing the laws against religious offenses.