Enfranchising [verb]

Definition of Enfranchising:

set free

Synonyms of Enfranchising:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enfranchising:

Sentence/Example of Enfranchising:

"To thank men like Cowan, who did not desire to enfranchise woman any more than the negro, was to stultify ourselves," he said.

From here on there was only one course to follow, to press again for a Sixteenth Amendment to enfranchise women.

An alien immigrant to our shores may desire to attain the full status of citizenship; but desire alone will never enfranchise him.

North Dakota's constitution provided that the legislature might in the future enfranchise women.

For her it was not so much a question of enlightening the angels; the important thing was to enfranchise them.

The Republican press was equally hostile to the proposition to enfranchise women.

Those who enfranchise the mind render service to man as well as those who persuade the heart.

It did not enfranchise a class that sought and understood power, but bondmen who had played no part in the struggle.

Of the two it would be better to disfranchise the soldiers and enfranchise the mothers.

Enfranchise them, and they become self-respecting and country-loving citizens.