Engaged [adjective]

Definition of Engaged:

promised to be married

Synonyms of Engaged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engaged:

Sentence/Example of Engaged:

Eater at Home is the source for anyone who wants to feel deeply engaged with food and dining culture, which now, more than ever, is in our homes.

People are more likely to stay engaged in processes over time if they’re able to share and gain knowledge, as opposed to having it extracted from them.

It took several decades for women to vote at the same rate as men, but once they did, they actually became more engaged voters.

Not only has this been an opportunity to develop professional skills, but it’s also been a method of remaining engaged and keeping positive mental health during the lockdown.

It’s important to stay engaged with our audience during the crisis, and there’s a lot we can do to accomplish that.

Over the years, we’ve built an engaged and motivated community of clients who help us shape our product.

The crowd shuffled off in all directions, and then engaged in a confused struggle for the chairs.

One evening, while he was thus engaged, he observed de Patinos and Duke Wharton enter together.

At another time her affections were deeply engaged by a young gentleman who visited a lady on a neighboring plantation.

In truth, it was so intently engaged with a sleeping seal that it had not observed the approach of the sledge.