Engagements [noun]

Definition of Engagements:

pledge to marry

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Sentence/Example of Engagements:

Even though they have a smaller audience, micro-influencers usually have higher engagement and are, therefore, more likely to help you with conversions.

Surveying your prospective customers allows them to tell you what type of content they want to consume, significantly increasing the likelihood of engagement.

As a marketer, this gives you a ton of real estate to showcase relevant content and generate high engagement.

The key point is that local merchants and retailers using these attributes may see more engagement or an improved response from consumers who want to do business with them but want assurances that it will be safe.

The engagement is now off — and publishers have expressed surprise, but also some relief.

One would “require platform companies to ensure that their algorithms do not skew towards extreme and unreliable material to boost user engagement.”

Since videos are very high on engagement percentage, it is a great time to get on the video platform of YouTube.

Van Nostrand is now being asked to photograph engagement parties, something he typically didn’t do in his previous eight years in the business.

The network got “nearly no engagement on Facebook before we removed it,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.

Through our recent listening and engagement efforts, our minority employees have shared that they feel pressure to fit into the majority culture.