Engages [verb]

Definition of Engages:

hire for job, use

Synonyms of Engages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engages:

Sentence/Example of Engages:

It is the crowning of my own life rather than that of the British Empire that engages my present thought.

Which runs directly into the throat of said Pragmatic Sanction; and engages to make it, mere waste sheepskin, so to speak!

Proudly the tall tribesmen walked among the engages—seeming to pay no heed, but the eye of an Indian misses nothing.

There is some ship-building, some brewing, with oyster and trawl fishing; the fishery engages nearly seven hundred persons.

The slugs and ounce balls slapped into the dirt from the muskets of the creole engages and they were losing warrior after warrior.

The stem of the handle has at its lower end a crank bend, which engages with the outer end of the valve stem.

The westerner follows, forces his way through the portals, engages the villain, and vanquishes him.

As his partners and helpers, he always engages nonentities, without power of initiative, who blindly follow his orders.

This free end passes down until it engages a big iron casting embedded in the concrete of the lock floor.

In this volume the author engages the attention of the reader with an account of the wonderful century in which he writes.