Engendered [verb]

Definition of Engendered:

cause to happen; cause an action

Synonyms of Engendered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engendered:

Sentence/Example of Engendered:

It was a crisis engendered deliberately by men of evil purpose, public enemies well known and often named.

But, after a time, the partners reflected that there was still wanting a governor for the world which they had engendered.

Jealousies are engendered, divisions arise, and the republic is in danger of being finally destroyed and overthrown.

And as we stand upon this hallowed ground, let us bury all animosities engendered by the war.

Its father is Sol, its mother Luna; it was engendered in the womb by the air, and nourished by the earth.

A very general fault in the men was an unfortunate rivalry, engendered by the ostentation and bad taste of the others.

But the Aetolians listened with indignation; and what proved to be the beginning of serious evils was engendered.

During it a national consciousness was engendered, and in it we have the faint beginnings of a national literature.

Soon the two were discussing supper with the appetite engendered by a healthy, open-air life.

These circumstances engendered fear and suspicion and led to nervous reprisals.