Engendering [verb]

Definition of Engendering:

cause to happen; cause an action

Synonyms of Engendering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engendering:

Sentence/Example of Engendering:

Flinging off his coat, he cast away the cynic style engendering or engendered by them.

It is inconceivable, however, that castration was originally performed with the purpose of engendering these characteristics.

Upon all which strengthened endurance, upon gracious memories engendering thankfulness, could her mind alone profitably be fixed.

Were all railways equally interested in all cities alike, the matter need not go further, engendering railway rivalries.

Seven days after delivery she is capable of receiving the male, so that we may say she is constantly rearing and engendering.

He began with the fecund idea of motion, the stars in their orbits, man engendering man.

Hence arise clamorings of party strife, and the engendering of the festering sore curses of corruption.

Nature is mood-engendering, thought-provoking: such ought the sonata, such ought the fairytale to be.

Of all human passions, is not pride alone incapable of engendering anything base?

I would hesitate to drag in any metaphysical confusion to add to the uncertainties you are already engendering.