Engorgement [noun]

Definition of Engorgement:

flood, inundation

Opposite/Antonyms of Engorgement:

Sentence/Example of Engorgement:

Magendie found that when given to dogs it produced engorgement, and often inflammation of the lungs.

This condition led to engorgement of the lungs and liver and increased pressure in the venous side of the circulation.

There was engorgement of blood vessels in the meninges covering the brain.

The changes observed are those of intense engorgement of the marrow, going on to greenish-yellow purulent infiltration.

The engorgement of the obstructed territory has received the name of hemorrhagic infarction.

Less constantly, and it would seem in proportion to the development of the rash, engorgement of the glands may be noted elsewhere.

Inflammation of the membranes of the brain leads to the engorgement of the face, ears, and eyes with blood.

This engorgement has given rise to the term "kidney of pregnancy."

These may be due in part to hyperplasia and in part to blood-engorgement.

He was sleeping off his Sunday engorgement in a porch chair.