Engrave [verb]

Definition of Engrave:

carve letters or designs into

Synonyms of Engrave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engrave:

Sentence/Example of Engrave:

Each chip has engraved “channels,” allowing any odor to flow towards each detection unit.

When Bruce took his hand away, the hummingbird — sporting an anklet engraved with “J45264” — zipped off.

I couldn’t bring myself to engrave the ending, to mark her boundary, to reel her in.

Before it comes time to engrave it in stone, to nail in the golden spike of our new epoch, we should reconsider the name we give our future—how it may subtly steer its trajectory.

First attempt made to engrave on glass by M. de Puymaurin, at Toulouse.

A stone mason was employed to engrave the following epitaph on a tradesman's wife: "A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband."

Why should not some one, greatly daring, go so far as to bid the mason engrave a tribute to the world that is being left behind?

There was a great scheme that he should make a series of drawings on wood and Cole engrave them.

He told me that he would engrave her name on the tablet in his shrine, before which was a prayer made every day.

He is mistaken as to the reason; for Mlzel had only, in Beethovens words, begun to engrave.