Engrossed [adjective]

Definition of Engrossed:

preoccupied; attentive to

Opposite/Antonyms of Engrossed:

Sentence/Example of Engrossed:

The main app Kuaishou itself, as of June, reached 302 million daily users, who spent more than 85 minutes on the app per day engrossed in watching clips and live sessions.

She had been silent while he was so deeply engrossed in thought, and upon hearing her voice he started abruptly.

For a considerable time they were silent, the one busily engaged writing, the other engrossed with a book.

With an animated countenance and a cheerful smile, she was all engrossed in endeavoring to infuse fortitude into his soul.

The one hope of existence during this interval is to get him engrossed in painting; but where is he to paint?

He caught the ear of the public, and engrossed an attention which was certainly very remarkable.

Cash would sit and watch him furtively; but Bud was too engrossed with his own misery to notice it.

She sat at the table, Jean across, and struggled with centimes and francs and louis d'or, an engrossed frown between her eyebrows.

Please remember me to your wife and to the four-year-old sweetheart, if she be not too engrossed with higher matters.

So he had hardly recovered from this attack before Frederick's mind was again engrossed with thoughts of vengeance.