Engrossing [adjective]

Definition of Engrossing:

very interesting

Synonyms of Engrossing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engrossing:

Sentence/Example of Engrossing:

King’s prose is stunningly gorgeous in this engrossing love story.

It’s an engrossing mix of footnoted history, acerbic political commentary and personal anecdotes.

Because of the pandemic, and not despite it, 2020’s most engrossing tales have a distinct richness.

Naturally it isn’t quite the urgent, visceral experience that Gears normally is, but this is a surprisingly deep and engrossing game.

With one teacher and six or seven students, those forays are intimate and engrossing learning experiences that don’t translate to much larger groups.

She was lost in thought over her new book, which was engrossing her very deeply.

To students of comparative folklore and mythology the myths and legends of Babylonia present many features of engrossing interest.

"They are not particularly engrossing just now," said Miss Lepel evenly, indicating the book that lay upon her lap.

The most fascinating, engrossing and picturesque of the season's novels.

These were so engrossing that I took no count of the stations we passed through.