Engrossment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Engrossment:

But, at the information received, Newt forgot his wrath in the engrossment of a sudden idea.

In the tedious dulness of the three-days' voyage the dog becomes a topic, and his devotion to the fair-haired lady an engrossment.

He missed her former feverish engrossment in the projected lecture series and wanted to bring her back to it.

The whole tendency of the age is towards cynicism, indifference, self-engrossment.

To care only for each other is selfishness for two, only one step removed from self-centered engrossment.

Then, gradually, into his self-engrossment there penetrated a conviction that all was not well between his father and his mother.

She was standing at the open window, in the stillness that tells of intense mental engrossment.

Charlotte's engrossment in her new life, her eagerness to please her master, was a contemptible weakness to this embittered heart.

Finlay, indeed, it may be confessed at once, he and not his message was her engrossment from the beginning.

At Eton, in his time, the engrossment with classics was such as to keep out religious instruction!