Enhances [verb]

Definition of Enhances:

improve, embellish

Synonyms of Enhances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enhances:

Sentence/Example of Enhances:

Every day which A Napoleonic address passes enhances the dangers of the country.

In addition to what they give, the sense of their sympathy enhances the favour, and it is received with double pleasure.

He who esteems his rank but lightly enhances man's estimation of his dignity.

Each one of a pair enhances the effect of its complementary when the two colors are brought close together.

If the perfect unison comes occasionally, as in music, it enhances the harmonies.

However, it carries still the stamp of a great genius; and, what enhances its beauty, the stamp of a very particular genius.

Healthy exercise is always normally enjoyable; but skilful performance greatly enhances the pleasure.

It is an admirable text-book, and enhances the value of the series in which it appears.Scotsman.

This collection greatly enhances the value of the English edition, and cannot fail to increase its already extensive sale.

The safety, speed, and comfort of the modern steamer does not destroy but rather enhances the romance of ocean voyage.