Enhancing [verb]

Definition of Enhancing:

improve, embellish

Synonyms of Enhancing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enhancing:

Sentence/Example of Enhancing:

The rhythm of a simple tune plays favourably on a child's ear, enhancing life according to this great law.

Sunshine lay on the landscape, enhancing the haze in the distance and throwing up the hills more prominently against it.

Self-denial, seasonably exercised, is one means of enhancing our gratifications.

He would kill him fairly, if possible, thereby enhancing his reputation—but he was certain to kill him, no matter what the method.

It is a Utopia enhancing realities beyond themselves; it is the dream of Godhead in things.

All the other hermits praised this last act as one of transcendent humility enhancing his glory.

We are considering the efficiency of natural selection in enhancing useful variations through a series of generations.

We know what a pleasure there is in enhancing the antiquity of things; and how often inscriptions are forged for that purpose.

It was sometimes bordered with lace, as in Fig. 29, thus hiding the entire head, and considerably enhancing its ugliness.

As a result, the various arms were all animated by the common ideal of enhancing the reputation of their Division.