Enjoining [verb]

Definition of Enjoining:

order, command

Synonyms of Enjoining:

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Sentence/Example of Enjoining:

A court of equity though may do this, and enjoin a pledgee from voting the stock whenever the pledgor's rights would be affected.

Sometimes the courts, instead of going so far, will enjoin them from doing wrongs that are feared.

A continued to practice as before and B applied to a court of equity to enjoin him.

Neither was it part of that plan to enjoin either secrecy or the other thing upon him.

In the laws that enjoin the duty of Covenanting they are not excluded.

All the laws that enjoin the exercise of Covenanting, were delivered to the Church.

But they should not do so from a regard to the authorities in the land that enjoin them.

You have, indeed, advised me "to execute and enjoin an observance of" the treaty with the Wyandottes, etc.

Behind his chair, holding up the crucifix to enjoin silence, stood the king's confessor.

In the main he led such a life as the maxims of "Poor Richard" enjoin.