Enjoying [verb]

Definition of Enjoying:

take pleasure in, from something

Opposite/Antonyms of Enjoying:







Sentence/Example of Enjoying:

At the same time, the users of Lens enjoy quality features, technologies and integrations easier than ever.

If these leads hold up, he will enjoy an electoral majority and become our next president.

When the ball falls on New Year’s Eve, I want the people to shout out and enjoy the moment.

Love to be alonePeople who enjoy people, but at the same time are comfortable being alone, do best.

You can play as male or female, but I particularly enjoyed female Eivor.

So you’re still eating the same food, you know, you’re still enjoying that together.

Herbert, enjoying an impressive rookie season, had hit fullback Gabe Nabers on a tough, across-the-field throw when he was hit by the Raiders’ Maxx Crosby.

Relax and enjoy the latest, greatest games on your old PS4 in confidence, knowing that you’ll save $50 when a Cyberpunk 2077 bundle goes on sale in the summer.

This is a great food pairing wine and is versatile enough to enjoy with everything from a tomato tartlet to a rich risotto.

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