Enjoys [verb]

Definition of Enjoys:

take pleasure in, from something

Opposite/Antonyms of Enjoys:







Sentence/Example of Enjoys:

More recently, the company made Halloween a big sales event, enjoying strong results driven in part by a $300 12-foot skeleton that sold like hotcakes.

The choice of wine for your Thanksgiving feast is personal, and I encourage you to enjoy a wine that is special to you.

From the base lodge, it’s a couple lifts to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy views of Glacier National Park before dropping into powder stashes through the trees of North Bowl.

Then you’ll enjoy this fantasy starring a wizard whose familiar is, wait for it, a sourdough starter named Bob.

Art lovers can enjoy everything from contemporary art to mid-century modern furniture to Impressionist paintings.

Nesmith, 21, ranks among the best three-point shooters in this year’s draft and should enjoy an extended career in a 3-and-D role.

Even if you’re not up to making the climb, the area surrounding the lighthouse offers many beautiful nature trails with stunning scenery for visitors to enjoy.

Along with the feelings of uncertainty and isolation, Wohlgemuth said he’s made a point of telling teams it’s okay to have fun at work right now and that a period of great suffering doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy things.

There will be a percentage of consumers who will still want and enjoy personalized experiences.

Most recently, the company just launched in October a new fall aperitif inspired by the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a Manhattan by the fire at a cozy hotel bar.