Enkindled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Enkindled:

Let us practise these devotions to enkindle in our hearts a true and ardent love for our sorrowful Mother.

Put it upon thy hand, my beloved, and thou shalt see it enkindle.

As may be seen, the mine was charged: a spark would be sufficient to enkindle an immense fire.

True it is that no blowing can enkindle dead coals, and make a flame where was no spark.

Can she there breathe in that which will enkindle noble ambition to love and serve in a world which so needs love and service?

Ardent persuasion and deep feeling enkindle words, so that the weakest take on glory.

Without the emotions that soar and thrill and enkindle, no man can attain 'a grand moral vision.'

Hence it is not content to find fruit for the intelligence, but penetrates beyond to the will that it may there enkindle love.

This is not a word that may draw down mercy, but rather that may stir up wrath, and enkindle indignation.

Absence—a momentary separation—was enough to enkindle these flames.