Enlarging [adjective]

Definition of Enlarging:

increasing in size

Synonyms of Enlarging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enlarging:

Sentence/Example of Enlarging:

The enlarging the fire-place end of boilers or fire-tubes has led to many forms.

The number of communicants, at the latest date, was thirty, and the field of labor was rapidly enlarging by immigration.

It did come; a very moderate and cautious bill, enlarging the area of the franchise in boroughs and counties.

Reading which does not result in enlarging, stimulating, and refining one's nature is but a busy idleness.

Briefly, by enlarging his enterprise, Terry threw away the immediate advantage of his personal idealism and charm.

On his resettlement in England, he employed himself in revising and enlarging his admirable Martyrology.

There are two ways of enlarging the size of trout which should be carefully avoided.

Wave upon wave of races of mankind has flowed over the developing and enlarging West, and each has left its impress on that area.

It exercised the intellect and strengthened it, as gymnastics do the body, without enlarging it.

They started enlarging the hole to pull me out, until lumps of snow began to fall and I had to yell for mercy.