Enlightened [adjective]

Definition of Enlightened:

informed, educated

Synonyms of Enlightened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enlightened:

Sentence/Example of Enlightened:

In these enlightened days no man is imprisoned for owing money, but only because he does not pay it when told to do so.

Not merely must there be a desire to perform the service; but there must be an enlightened apprehension of its nature.

In regard to the choice of rulers, the duty of a people enlightened with the knowledge of Divine truth, is clear and plain.

Peter Ilich was grateful for the interest which this enlightened man took in him and his work.

I shudder when I chance to come across a really well-read and enlightened man!

And is it possible that men, enlightened in other things, have so long submitted to this absurd and abject slavery?

With a settlement of enlightened freemen, who with the immense facilities, must soon grow into a powerful nation.

I am too enlightened and progressive to feel comfortable in my own country, and that is why I spend so much time in England.

In the hands of an enlightened government the priests would become the most useful of citizens.

At any rate, a glance at the pages of a Napier, or a word from the Duke of Wellington would have enlightened him on the subject.