Enlightenment [noun]

Definition of Enlightenment:

awareness, understanding

Synonyms of Enlightenment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enlightenment:

Sentence/Example of Enlightenment:

It’s also a shift that’s happening all over the tech landscape as companies — perhaps goaded by newfound enlightenment or, more likely, the prospect of government intervention — are being more assertive about what happens on their platforms.

Similarly, early Americans had faith that a newly expanded print media would spread enlightenment.

His eventual enlightenment, however, is said to have involved recognition that all things are temporary, ever-changing, and impermanent.

A pandemic lockdown is not a sabbatical to finish your novel, or a monastic retreat to find enlightenment, or a visit to the spa so you can retool your diet and get into shape.

I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism.

Further enlightenment (as with men) comes through grace as soon as they become beati through turning to good.

He did talk the matter over with Deacon Pettybone, but got little enlightenment for his pains.

Flashes of recollection, enlightenment, and dismay succeeded one another in Roly's face.

The less enlightenment and reason men possess, the more zeal they exhibit for their religion.

We naturally look to our colleges for the evidences of learning, of enlightenment and culture.