Enlistment [noun]

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The army was increased from two regiments to nine regiments with an enlistment requiring two years of military service.

Finger-prints are made, immediately upon enlistment, of each separate finger and thumb of both hands.

The call for men was very heavy in proportion to the population, and high bounties were offered for enlistment.

In December the period of enlistment ended; his army was disbanded, and he could not obtain quite 10,000 men to take its place.

When the war first broke out, no one thought of any but voluntary methods of enlistment.

But Mr. Chase had not as yet gone beyond the President in his views concerning the enlistment of slaves.

These ceremonies are tantamount to 'enlistment,' and no young man who thus comes forward can honourably withdraw.

He was five years in the army and during his enlistment he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

In the confusion of preparing for the last and most elaborate feature of the day, Percival's enlistment was not discovered.

The German Army may only be constituted and recruited by means of voluntary enlistment.